Jamaica men's national ice hockey team

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Shirt badge/Association crest
Association Jamaican Olympic Ice Hockey Federation
General Manager Terry Christensen
Assistant: Lester Griffin

The Jamaica men's national ice hockey team is the national ice hockey team of Jamaica. On 18 May 2012, they were added as associate members by the IIHF.[1] They are the first Caribbean nations to do this.[2] In order to compete in the winter Olympics, they must have full inclusion from the IIHF, which requires the nation to have one ice rink and a development program.[2]

Recently they had held try outs in Canada to form a national ice hockey team that can compete in the next Winter Olympics.[3] Due to the tryouts being held in Canada, some accused the team of attempting to "poach" from Canadian talent.[4] Former NHL player Graeme Townshend is leading the tryouts in order to construct the national team.[4]


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