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James Alexander Gordon (born 10 February 1936, Edinburgh)[1] is a retired radio broadcaster, best known for reading the classified check of the football results every Saturday at 17:00 on Sports Report on BBC Radio Five Live.

During his youth he was paralyzed with polio and he spent a large part of his childhood in hospital.[2] He worked in music publishing before joining the BBC in 1972, becoming an announcer and newsreader (mostly on Radio 2) until the early 1990s. In 1974 he followed in the footsteps of John Webster, reading the classified football results, first on Radio 2 and later on Five Live.

Popularly known as 'Jag',[1] he used his intonation, when pronouncing the names of the clubs, to indicate whether a match had ended in a home win, away win or draw.[1]

Gordon also worked freelance[clarification needed], recording voice-overs and commenting on company videos.[3]

He announced his retirement from radio in July 2013 following surgery to remove his larynx after being diagnosed with cancer.[4] He is to be permanently succeeded as the reader of the classified football results by former BBC Radio 4 newsreader Charlotte Green from late September 2013.[5]

Gordon reprised his role as announcer of the football results to read fictional results for the play Jumpers for Goalposts.[6]


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