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The Neil A. Kjos Music Company is an American music publisher based in San Diego, California. They have published a large number of books used to teach music, most notably the Standard of Excellence series of books and software.

Standard of Excellence series[edit]

Standard of Excellence is a collection of music theory books and software. The line ranges from classical music to jazz and is used by both schools and private instructors.

The most popular books in the series are the Standard of Excellence Band Method volumes. Among the band titles and 3 volumes for nearly every instrument used in a band.

Each of the books comes with Standard of Excellence's IPAS software. The software has every piece from the book and a program where the user can play along, receiving guidance as to whether the note was done properly or not. It is claimed by some to be the most comprehensive band method ever (Dylan Meyer)

Bastien Piano Basics series[edit]

Bastien Piano Basics is a collection of piano instruction books targeted to children ages 7-11 from the primer level to level 4. This series is authored by James Bastien and Jane Smisor Bastien. There are many supplementary books within the series.