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James Brown is a correspondent on the TV channel RT.[1]


Originally from Devon, England, he is a graduate of Bristol University and from the London College of Communication. James moved to Moscow in 2005 to work for the newly founded Russian TV news network Russia Today. He lives in Moscow with his newly-wed wife.

Television Work[edit]

James has written and presented a large number of documentaries for RT, including the recent Russian Paratrooper boot camp VDV aired on October 2013.[2] He has travelled to more than 50 of Russia's regions making the series Discovering Russia, exploring the country's varied culture and traditions.

Towards the end of 2013 he traveled with the Sochi Olympic torch relay across Russia to the Pacific coast and participated in an expedition to the North Pole, where the Olympic flame was lit for the first time.

His latest project is called 'Englishman vs Russia' and involves taking on some of the toughest environments, challenges and professions that the country has to offer.

He has also worked extensively in news notably covering the Russian Presidential elections, anti-government demonstrations in Kyrgyzstan and anti-missile defense protests in Eastern Europe.

Other Media[edit]

James has written travel and adventure articles and featured in interviews for various newspapers, magazines and online publications, including Voice of Russia Radio,[3] Think Russia,[4] Russian Life, Russia UK,[5] Sidetracked Magazine,[6] Russian Art and Culture [7] In Your Pocket [8] and the Herald Express [9]

He is active on Twitter @jimbrownjourno