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James Cameron in 1986

James Cameron is a Canadian film director, screenwriter, producer and special effects artist. He has contributed to many projects as either the writer, director, producer, or a combination of the three.

Cameron's first film was the 1978 science fiction short film Xenogenesis, which he directed, wrote and produced. Cameron's films have grossed a total of over $7 billion worldwide.

In addition to works of fiction, Cameron has directed and appeared in several documentaries including Ghosts of the Abyss and Aliens of the Deep. He also contributed to a number of television series including Dark Angel and Entourage.


Year Film Credits Reference
Director Writer Producer Other
1978 Xenogenesis Yes Yes Yes No [1][2]
1979 Rock 'n' Roll High School No No No Yes [3]
1980 Battle Beyond the Stars No No No Yes [I]
1981 Escape from New York No No No Yes [I]
Galaxy of Terror No No No Yes [II]
1982 Android No No No Yes [VIII]
Piranha II: The Spawning Yes Yes No No
1984 The Terminator Yes Yes No No
1985 Rambo: First Blood Part II No Yes No No
1986 Aliens Yes Yes No No
1989 The Abyss Yes Yes No No
1991 Point Break No No No Yes [X]
Terminator 2: Judgment Day Yes Yes Yes No
1994 True Lies Yes Yes Yes Yes [VI]
1995 Strange Days No Yes Yes Yes [VI]
1997 Titanic Yes Yes Yes Yes [VI]
1999 The Muse No No No Yes [III]
2002 Solaris No No Yes No
2003 Ghosts of the Abyss Yes Yes Yes Yes [V]
Volcanoes of the Deep Sea No No No Yes [X]
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines No No No Yes [IX]
2004 The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing No No No Yes [III]
2005 Aliens of the Deep Yes Yes Yes Yes [V]
2006 Explorers: From the Titanic to the Moon No No No Yes [III]
2009 Terminator Salvation No No No Yes [IX]
Avatar Yes Yes Yes Yes [VI]
2011 Sanctum No No No Yes [X]
2012 Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away No No No Yes [X]
2014 James Cameron's Deepsea Challenge 3D No No Yes Yes [III]
2015 Terminator: Genesis No No No Yes [IX]
2016 Avatar 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes [VI]
2017 Avatar 3 Yes Yes Yes Yes [VI]
2018 Avatar 4 Yes Yes Yes Yes [VI]
TBA Alita: The Battle Angel Yes Yes Yes No [4][5][6][7]
The Informationist Yes No Yes No [8]

^ I Credited as an art director.[9]
^ II Credited as a second unit director and production designer.[10]
^ III Credited as an actor.[11][12]
^ IV Credited as an interviewee.[13]
^ V Credited as a participant.[14][15][16][17]
^ VI Credited as an editor.[18]
^ VII Credited as a matte artist and special effects director of photography.[1]
^ VIII Credited as design consultant.[1]
^ IX Credited as based on character created by.[1]
^ X Credited as executive producer.

Highest-grossing films[edit]

This is a list of the top 10 highest domestic-grossing films in which Cameron has written, directed, produced, or created characters for, according to Box Office Mojo. This does not include films in which he had a minor role or appeared as a participant, according to the same site. Cameron's films have grossed domestically a total of more than $1.97 billion, and more than $6.13 billion worldwide, with an average of $219 million per film in North America alone.[19]

Rank Film Lifetime gross
in North America (US$)
1 Avatar 760 million[20]
2 Titanic 658 million[21]
3 Terminator 2: Judgment Day 204 million[22]
4 Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines 150 million[23]
5 Rambo: First Blood Part II 150 million[24]
6 True Lies 146 million[25]
7 Terminator Salvation 125 million[26]
8 Aliens 85 million[27]
9 Point Break 83 million[28]
10 The Abyss 54 million[29]

Rotten Tomatoes ratings[edit]

Film T-Meter
Piranha II: The Spawning 7%[30]
The Terminator 100%[31]
Aliens 98%[32]
The Abyss 88%[33]
Terminator 2: Judgment Day 92%[34]
True Lies 72%[35]
Titanic 88%[36]
Ghosts of the Abyss 80%[37]
Aliens of the Deep 84%[38]
Avatar 83%[39]


Year Title Credit
1998 Mad About You: "The Finale" Actor
2000-2002 Dark Angel Executive producer, Creator, Director
2001 The Alien Saga Interviewee
2002 Expedition: Bismarck Director, producer
2005 Entourage: "The Sundance Kids" Actor
Entourage: "The Bat Mitzvah" Actor
Entourage: "The Abyss" Actor
Tony Robinson's Titanic Adventure Participant[40][41]
2006 The Exodus Decoded Executive producer
Entourage: "Aquamom" Actor
2007 The Lost Tomb of Jesus Executive producer


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