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James Canty performing with The Make-Up in 1996.
James Canty performing with Ted Leo and the Pharmacists in 2010.

James Canty is a Brooklyn, New York-based multi-instrumentalist musician from Washington, D.C. Canty is the younger brother of Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty and writer Kevin Canty.

Canty is currently known for playing guitar in the band Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. He is also known for playing drums with Nation of Ulysses,[1] The Make-Up,[2] French Toast,[3] All Scars,[4] Georgie James and Cupid Car Club.

Most of Canty's work has been with the bands signed to Dischord Records; however, he has also released music with K Records, Lookout Records, Kill Rock Stars, Matador Records and Drag City.

In 2008, Canty recorded a digital EP called Rapid Response with Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. The EP was created as a benefit for Democracy Now! and the Minneapolis chapter of Food Not Bombs, in response to police brutality during the 2008 Republican National Convention.

In 2012, Canty formed the Brooklyn-based band Ideal Forms.


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