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James Davis is a men's haberdashery in East Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee. It is a part of the Laurelewood shopping center. The clothing sold consists of formal, business, and semi-formal attire. The original store has included separate departments over the years which collaborate with the same clientele, including Mednikow and Cook and Love shoes, a family owned shoe business started in Memphis, Tennessee.[1][2] James Davis is independently owned and has been since its opening. The current president is Van Weinberg who has a limited partnership with his brother, Ron Weinberg.

City of Memphis

The store is staffed with professional tailors, and is equipped with an in-store tailor shop.


James Davis was first opened in 1962 by Ron and Van's father, Lew Weinberg.[3] He named the store after his brother-in-law, James Davis.[3] At one point there were seven James Davis stores located across the Memphis area. Only the original store remains open now. In past years James Davis also carried women’s clothing, but in the year 2012 they discontinued the sale of women's merchandise. It currently holds exclusive rights to the Armani brand in the Memphis, Tennessee region.

Brand Name Armani

Customers of the shop have included Elvis Presley,[3] University of Memphis head basketball coach Josh Pastner and musical artists Yo Gotti and Justin Timberlake.


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