James Douglas Annand

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James Douglas Annand
StateLibQld 1 67663 Duchess of York and Mayor of Toowoomba, 1927.jpg
James Douglas Annand with Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Duchess of York, in 1927.
Born 21 January 1875
Ipswich, Queensland
Died 8 August 1952
Brisbane, Queensland

James Douglas Annand (1875–1952) was an Australian politician and mayor of Toowoomba, Queensland. Serving for 22 years between 1924 and 1952, he was Toowoomba's longest serving mayor. Born in Ipswich but raised in Toowoomba, he operated a drapery business for many years and also owned land near Hannaford in the Surat district. He was mayor from 1924–1930, 1933–1949, and June 1952-August 1952. As mayor, one of his major projects was the construction of the Cooby Dam.[1]


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