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James E. Edmondson (born 1945) is a justice on the Oklahoma Supreme Court. He was appointed to the Court's District 7 seat by Governor Brad Henry in 2003.[1]

Edmondson was born in Kansas City, Missouri,[2] and is the son of Ed Edmondson, a former U.S. Congressman, and June Edmondson, a nephew of former U.S. Senator and Oklahoma Governor J. Howard Edmondson, and the brother of former state Attorney General Drew Edmondson.

Early life[edit]

He graduated from Central High School (eventually integrated into Muskogee High School), before attending Northeastern State University.[3] Following graduation from NSU in 1967, he served in the United States Navy for two years.[4] He earned his law degree from Georgetown University in 1973. From 1976 to 1978, he served as an Assistant District Attorney in Muskogee County, Oklahoma.[5] From 1978 to 1981, he served in the U.S. Attorney's office in Muskogee, Oklahoma, as Assistant U.S. Attorney, and later Acting U.S. Attorney.[6] From 1981 to 1983, he was a Partner in the Edmondson Law Firm along with his brother.[7]


In 1983, he was appointed as Judge for the 15th state Judicial District and served in that post until his appointment to the state supreme court.[8]

Personal life[edit]

He is married to Suzanne Rumler Edmondson and has two children.[9] His daughter Sarah Edmondson is serving a 35-year prison sentence for her role in an allegedly movie-inspired crime spree with her boyfriend which included a murder and robbery in Mississippi, and a robbery and attempted murder in Louisiana.[10][11] Sarah Edmondson has been released on parole as of May 20, 2010[12] and will be serving her parole in Oklahoma. Her parole is to end June 1, 2025.


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