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James Ernest is an American game designer and juggler.


James Ernest is best known as the owner and lead designer of Cheapass Games.[1] Prior to founding Cheapass, he worked as a juggler at various venues,[2] including Camlann Medieval Village,[3] and as a freelancer with Wizards of the Coast.[2] He also worked for Carbonated Games.[4] In 2005, Paizo Publishing created Titanic Games with Ernest and Mike Selinker.[5]

Ernest's games include Unexploded Cow,[6] Kill Doctor Lucky, The Big Idea and the game originally known as Before I Kill You, Mr. Bond (that game was eventually renamed after complaints from the owners of the Bond franchise). He has had recent success with Kickstarter, successfully crowdfunding games like Unexploded Cow and the upcoming Get Lucky (which takes the concept and core mechanics of Kill Doctor Lucky and adapts it to a pure card game).

Ernest wrote, produced, directed edited, and created music for the short film The Man Between (2003), and wrote the book, Dealer's Choice: The Complete Handbook of Saturday Night Poker.


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