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James Ernest is an American game designer and juggler.


James Ernest is best known as the owner and lead designer of Cheapass Games.[1] Prior to founding Cheapass, he worked as a juggler at various venues,[2] including Camlann Medieval Village,[3] and as a freelancer with Wizards of the Coast.[2] He also worked for Carbonated Games.[4] He has also created games for other publishers including Rio Grande Games and WizKids.[5] In 2005, Paizo Publishing created Titanic Games with Ernest and Mike Selinker.[6]

Ernest's games include Unexploded Cow,[7] Kill Doctor Lucky, The Big Idea and the game originally known as Before I Kill You, Mr. Bond (that game was eventually renamed after complaints from the owners of the Bond franchise). He has had success with Kickstarter, successfully crowdfunding games like a new version of Unexploded Cow and Get Lucky (which takes the concept and core mechanics of Kill Doctor Lucky and adapts it as a card game), among others.

Ernest wrote, produced, directed, edited, and created music for the short film The Man Between (2003)[8] and wrote the book Dealer's Choice: The Complete Handbook of Saturday Night Poker. His first publication was the book Contact Juggling in 1990.


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