James Franklin (meteorologist)

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James Franklin (middle), with Scott Gudes (left) and retired Air Force General Jack Kelly, director of NWS.

James L. Franklin is a weather forecaster with the National Hurricane Center and its current branch chief. He is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology[1] and of Ransom Everglades School[2] in 1976 in Miami, where he was a co-valedictorian.

Franklin likes to add his wit to many of his forecasts, much like his counterpart Dr. Lixion Avila and in contrast with the often dry commentary of other forecasters. For example:

  • When forecasting Tropical Storm Franklin in 2005, Franklin said "Franklin — the storm, not the forecaster — has become a little better organized overnight. [...] It is quite possible that little or nothing will be left of Franklin — the storm, not the forecaster — in 2–3 days." [5]
  • In a discussion for Tropical Depression Ana in 2009, Franklin noted that "[t]he intensity forecast is complicated by the uncertain existence of an actual tropical cyclone..."[7]


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