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James Grady (born April 30, 1949) is the Montana-born author of thriller novels.

He graduated from the University of Montana School of Journalism in 1974. During college, he worked for United States Senator Lee Metcalf of Montana. [1] Grady is best known as the author of Six Days of the Condor, which was famously adapted to film as Three Days of the Condor starring Robert Redford. He is the father of Rachel Grady, director of the documentary Jesus Camp.



Short stories[edit]

  • "The Dark Sacred Night"
  • "Broken Heroes"
  • "The Bottom Line"
  • "condor.net"
  • "The Championship Of Nowhere"
  • "Kiss The Sky"
  • "The Devil’s Playground"
  • "The Arranger"
  • "The Train"


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