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Coordinates: 55°36′50″N 4°28′19″W / 55.614°N 4.472°W / 55.614; -4.472

James Hamilton Academy is a non-denominational, co-educational, comprehensive school. It is located in Sutherland Drive, Kilmarnock, (New Farm Loch), East Ayrshire.

There is also a Primary School (New Farm Primary School), and a Nursery (New Farm Nursery) on campus.

The School is made of Three blocks on Block A is the Primary School, Modern Languages department (French,Spanish) and Social Subjects Department (History,Modern Studies,Geography)

On Block B there is Home Economics on the top floor,Staff Room and Library on the mddle floor and Main offices on the bottom floor.

On Block C on the top floor there is Business Education and IT (Administration,Accounting and Finance) Art and (Digital Media, Art and Design studies, Photography) On the middle floor there is English, Science and Computing. On the Bottom floor there is Mathematics and Technical Studies.

The only two separate departments are PE and Music which are joined to either side of the Lunch Hall.

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