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This article is about the American football coach. For the English cricketer, see James Hopper (cricketer).

James Hopper was an early college football coach, serving single seasons at the helm for both the Nevada State University Sagebrushers (lat. University of Nevada Wolf Pack and the University of California.

Record at Nevada[edit]

With Hopper leading the 'Brushers through the season of 1900 NSU posted a third consecutive winning season, the last consecutive streak until R. E. Courtright would post four consecutive 1919-1922. NSU went 4-2-1 under his tutleage, including their first ever win over a major "first team."

Prior to this season, the Sagebrusher's primary opponents were small preparatory schools and the second teams of larger California universities. Those few times the 'Brushers faced a major, first team normally lead to crushing defeat. Hopper changed the tide forever by beating the Stanford "First Eleven" 6-0.