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James House
Studio album by James House
Released 1989
Genre Country
Label MCA
Producer Tony Brown
James House chronology
James House
Hard Times for an Honest Man

James House is the self-titled debut album of American country music artist James House. It was released in 1989 via MCA Records. Although the album did not chart, its single "Don't Quit Me Now" made number 25 on Hot Country Songs.

Critical reception[edit]

Jack Hurst of The Chicago Tribune gave the album three stars out of four, saying that "Most of this record is very rhythmic, with lyrics tending toward the simple but eloquent."[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Don't Quit Me Now" (House, Wendy Waldman)
  2. "It's Cruel" (House, Craig Karp)
  3. "Hard Times for an Honest Man" (House, Rick Serratte)
  4. "Under the Harvest Moon" (House, Allen Shamblin)
  5. "Never Until Now" (House, Shamblin)
  6. "O What a Thrill" (Jesse Winchester)
  7. "Lucinda" (Waldman, Jim Photoglo, Harry Stinson)
  8. "That'll Be the Last Thing" (House, Karp, Dave Gibson)
  9. "Call It in the Air" (House, Walt Aldridge)
  10. "Born Ready" (Gibson, Shamblin)


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