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For other people named James Carey, see James Carey (disambiguation).

James J. Carey is a retired Rear Admiral, United States Navy, born in Green Lake County, Wisconsin and was raised in Berlin, Wisconsin.[citation needed]


He is national public policy leader and International Grand Master of The Knights Templar International, recognized in "special consultative status" by the United Nations, former Chairman of the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission, and Eagle Scout.

In 2007, he endowed the Admiral James J. Carey Foundation for the support of "carefully chosen organizations, institutions, and associations that share the Admiral’s views on service to our nation and “giving back” to society ..." He is Chairman of the Future Leaders for America Foundation,[1] National Co-Chairman of the 1700+ Member Organization for military admirals and generals,[2] Chairman of the National Defense Committee,[3] and Chairman of the Good Samaritans of the Knights Templar Foundation [4]

He has been recognized as an Outstanding Eagle Scout.[5]

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