James L. Resseguie

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James L. Resseguie is distinguished professor emeritus at Winebrenner Theological Seminary where he held the J. Russell Bucher Professor of New Testament chair. He graduated from University of California at Berkeley and Princeton Theological Seminary before obtaining a Ph.D. from Fuller Theological Seminary. His research has focused on the Gospel of John and the Book of Revelation.


  • Narrative criticism of the New Testament by James L. Resseguie 2005 ISBN 0801027896
  • Revelation of John: A Narrative Commentary by James L. Resseguie 2009 ISBN 080103213X
  • Revelation Unsealed: A Narrative Critical Approach to John's Apocalypse by James L. Resseguie 1998 ISBN 9004111298
  • The Strange Gospel: Narrative Design and Point of View in John by James L. Resseguie 2001 ISBN 9789004122062
  • Spiritual Landscape: Images of the Spiritual Life in the Gospel of Luke by James L. Resseguie 2004 ISBN 9781565638273