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James McCourt (born 23 February in Sheffield) is an English television host, life coach, singer and songwriter.

He is currently the Celebrity Interviewer for BELLOmag (www.bellomag.com), a certified Life Coach and a Royal Expert for Weekend Express and The Daily Share on HLN (TV channel) and Extra (TV series).

He has hosted various National Lottery draw formats on BBC One (Winning Lines, Wright Around the World, In It to Win It), and the EuroMillions draw on UKTV Gold. He reports for Travel Channel and, in the past, hosted Disney Channel, Hot Wired, an educational programme for Channel 4 and Glory ball for Challenge. James has appeared in the United States on TV Guide Network, hosting Diana: memories of a Princess and featured regularly as their UK correspondent. He could also be seen on the new E! entertainment series "Sexiest....", was the live voice of '1 vs. 100' via Xbox Live Primetime in the UK and Ireland during Season 1.

Previously he has worked for BBC Radio Sheffield, been part of his own pop band and still writes songs for musical theatre shows.

His younger brother is the TV and radio presenter Richard McCourt, of Dick and Dom fame.

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