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James Noble
Born (1922-03-05) March 5, 1922 (age 92)
Dallas, Texas
Occupation Actor
Spouse(s) Carolyn Coates

James Noble (born March 5, 1922) is an American actor, born in Dallas, Texas, best known for his portrayal of Governor Eugene Gatling on the 1980s sitcom Benson.

Noble began his career in soap operas, most notably The Brighter Day, As the World Turns, The Doctors, and A World Apart. His big screen roles include Reverend John Witherspoon in the 1972 film of the Broadway musical 1776. In 2005, he co-founded Open the Gate Pictures with actress Colleen Murphy, and produced and starred in the highly acclaimed short film Glacier Bay. The film won several awards in various film festivals around the country.

Noble played the live action version of Archie Comics character Hiram Lodge in the movie, Archie: To Riverdale and Back Again (1990).

Noble was married to actress Carolyn Coates (born 1927) until her death in 2005.


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