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James Pimm, inventor of Pimm's

James Tee Pimm (1798 - 1873) created the gin-based liqueur known as Pimm's.

Pimm was born and raised in Newnham, Kent as the son of tenant farmers. He was classically educated in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he focused his studies on Theology. In his early 20s he moved to London where he established himself as a shellfish monger, the first step on a career in catering. He opened his first oyster bar in 1823 across from Buckingham Palace. The royal family were frequent patrons. Within ten years he was running a chain of five restaurants patronized by the rest of the British gentry and hoi polloi.

Pimm devised the cocktail to accompany the shellfish and the recipe was a closely guarded secret then, and remains so to this day. The owners now are Diageo PLC.


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Place of Burial = Holy Trinity Church East Peckham Kent England