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James Turner Pritchett, Jr. (October 27, 1922 – March 15, 2011) was an American actor, best known for his role as Dr. Matt Powers on the long-running soap opera The Doctors.[1][2] He was born in Lenoir, North Carolina in 1922. He appeared in the serial for its duration, from 1963 to 1982, and was the soap's central cast member, with the Powers character being one of the serial's "tentpole" characters, to use an industry expression.

In 1978 he won an Emmy for Best Actor for this role.

Before creating his role on "The Doctors," James played the role of Bruce Elliott on the CBS soap opera As the World Turns a not-so-popular character who was having an affair with married vixen, Lisa Hughes (Eileen Fulton). After "The Doctors," Pritchett did a short term role on another CBS soap, Guiding Light.

Pritchett was given an audience with then-President Jimmy Carter in 1978 along with a few other select soap opera actors, such as Eileen Fulton, Susan Lucci, and Dorothy Malone.

Pritchett died on March 15, 2011 at the age of 88 in New York City, New York.


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