James R. Cargill

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Not to be confused with James R. Cargill II. ‹See Tfd›

James Ray Cargill (1925-2006) was an American businessman born 9 October 1923. Cargill was educated at Lake Forest Academy, Brown University and Carleton College. He is a descendent of William W. Cargill, who started with one grain elevator in post-Civil War Iowa. This company became known as Cargill, Inc., an agribusiness and trading giant that as of 2005 was the largest private company in America. Annual sales exceeded $60 billion. Cargill's son-in-law, John H. MacMillan Sr., rescued the company from debt crisis after founder's death. Cargill's family owns about 90%, and employees own the rest. Whitney is the last family CEO, but several family members remain on board. All keep relatively low profile. James died on 26 March 2006.

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