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James Thompson at the Helsinki Book Fair in 2008.

James Thompson (born 1964 in Kentucky, United States) is an American-Finnish crime writer based in Lahti. He has a Master's degree in English philology from The University of Helsinki, where he also studied Finnish, in which he is fluent. He has studied six languages. He has published four crime novels with the Finnish inspector Kari Vaara as the protagonist.[1]

Inspector Vaara series[edit]

Kari Vaara, police chief in the town of Kittilä, Lapland, debuted in Thompson's first novel, Snow Angels. In the second novel, Lucifer's Tears, he moves to Helsinki. While he is portrayed as a good cop in the first two books, in the next installment, Helsinki White, we see Vaara turning into a rogue and corrupt cop. Helsinki Blood takes on further along the same line, with Vaara trying to tie all loose ends and redeem himself.[2]

  • Snow Angels (2009)
  • Lucifer's Tears (2011)
  • Helsinki White (2012)
  • Helsinki Blood (2013)
  • Helsinki Dead (2014)


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