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James Wannerton from Blackpool, England experiences lexical-gustatory synesthesia; i.e. he "tastes" words or word sounds.

A committee member of the UK Synaesthesia Association, Wannerton has been the subject of detailed research carried out by the University College London and the University of Edinburgh regarding his synaesthetic condition.

His interests in synesthesia extend to researching cognitive perception, intuition, reasoning and cognitive dissonance and he has been the subject of a number of published research papers and general interest articles on the subject of synaesthesia both in Europe and the United States. Wannerton has also contributed to a number of TV and radio programmes broadcast by ABC, CBS, the BBC, ITV and Channel 4. He has also been interviewed for articles in the UK National press as well as in Europe, the USA, Africa and Australasia. A 2011 interview with him on the Wellcome Trust blog includes details of his childhood and how synaesthesia has influenced his choice of friends, job and his relationships.

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