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For the English physician, see James Wellwood (physician).
James Joseph Wellwood
Born 15 October 1892
Drouin, Victoria, Australia
Died 25 October 1984
Armadale, Victoria, Australia
Springvale Crematorium Victoria, Australia
Allegiance Australia
Service/branch Artillery; aviation
Rank Lieutenant
Unit No. 2 Squadron AFC
Awards Distinguished Flying Cross

Lieutenant James Joseph Wellwood was an Australian World War I flying ace credited with seven aerial victories. After the war, he went on to a long career as an agriculturalist and husbandman at his Australian home.

Early life[edit]

James Joseph Wellwood was the son of Elizabeth Anne Payne and James Wellwood. He was born in Drouin, Australia on 15 October 1892,[1] one of five brothers.[2] Wellwood's mother died when he was ten.[1]

Military career[edit]

Wellwood originally served in an Australian militia unit, the Royal Australian Garrison Artillery before he enlisted in the Siege Brigade of the Australian Imperial Force on 1 June 1915. On his enlistment papers, he stated he was a born British subject working as a "motor mechanic".[3]

He later transferred to the Australian Flying Corps, and trained as a Royal Aircraft Factory SE.5 pilot. By mid 1918, he had been assigned to 2 Squadron AFC. He scored his first aerial success on 1 August 1918, destroying a German two-seated Rumpler reconnaissance plane southeast of Lille. On 12 August, he destroyed a Fokker D.VII over Licourt. Wellwood teamed with squadronmate Adrian Cole to destroy a DFW recon machine over Epinoy on 25 August.[4]

In September 1918, Wellwood struck twice, driving a Fokker D.VII down out of control on the 6th, and setting a Pfalz D.III afire on the 24th. Wellwood's final two victories were achieved on 4 November 1918; in separate patrols, he destroyed a Fokker D.VII and drove down another out of control.[4]

He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his exploits,[5] which was personally presented by General Sir William Birdwood on 20 March 1919.[6]

Post World War I[edit]

Wellwood married Myra Cantor on 28 June 1924 at Trinity Church, Hampton, Victoria, Australia.[1]

Wellwood was active in horse racing as early as 1929,[7] and became secretary of the Bunyip Race Club in early 1933.[8] He was selected as secretary of the Drouin branch of the United Country Party in early 1937.[9] He was a member of a stock cooperative marketing merino sheep from 1937 to 1941.[10][11][12]

On 8 November 1945, Wellwood posted notice that he would not allow debts to be contracted in his name without his written authority.[13]

James Joseph Wellwood died on 25 April 1984 in Armadale, Victoria, Australia. He was cremated at Springvale Crematorium.[1]


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