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Jamie Foss is a singer and actress from Erskine, Minnesota. In 2004, she won $50,000, plus a recording contract on The WB's Superstar USA, a parody of FOX's hit show American Idol. The show's premise was that the contestants were not, in fact, talented singers, but were chosen for various other characteristics on the premise that they might be successful in spite of poor singing. They were then eliminated in order of best-singer to worst-singer. Foss beat out finalists Mario Rodgers and Rosa McIntyre to become the winner of the show.

During Foss' audition, while trying to sing Madonna's "Like a Virgin," she read the lyrics of the song off of her hand; this trait would be a trademark for her throughout the show. Another recurring theme was the unsubtle remarks the judges made about her large breasts. Foss stated on the show that Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson were her role models, and the judges insincerely compared her to them.

Since Superstar USA, she has appeared in very minor roles on the TV shows Las Vegas (as a waitress) and NYPD Blue (as someone's friend). To date, she has released no music commercially. As of 2007 she was a student of journalism at the University of Minnesota and takes acting classes.[citation needed]

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