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Jamie Magnus Stone (born 15 December 1985), is a Scottish film director and animator, who studied at the National Film and Television School. He is the son of Scottish Broadcaster Sally Magnusson, and Film Director Norman Stone.


Jamie studied Film & TV at the Edinburgh College of Art where he made his first films, Flights about an old man and his flight of stairs, and the Scottish BAFTA nominated Fritz - about a German Spy who lives under a boy's bed. Whilst directing fiction films, he also developed his skills in Sand Animation and won the MacLaren Award at the Edinburgh Film Festival, and Best Animation at BAFTA Scotland in 2008 for his series of Three Minute Wonders, The World According To produced by Anders Jedenfors.[1]

Jamie enrolled at the National Film and Television School in 2010. He was interviewed by The Guardian in 2010 after making his first year film, Far Removed, produced by Sarah Senior.[2]

In March 2010, Jamie directed two Music Videos for Tommy Reilly; Make The Bed and Take Me Away.

He wrote and directed Sh-Boom in February 2011 which was premiered at the NFTS' Stars of Tomorrow Screening at BAFTA in September 2011. The film was shot entirely in a bin besides a dramatic opening sequence involving a bride on fire.

In August 2011, Jamie directed his graduation film Skyborn, about a Father and Son stuck in a foggy post apocalyptic wasteland. Jamie wrote and directed the screenplay, with Len Rowles as his Producer. It will be screened at the BFI in March as part of the NFTS' Graduation Ceremony. The film was shot in constant fog and involved flying machines, pyrotechnics, miniatures and chickens.


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