David Brown (Free Church of Scotland)

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To be distinguished from David Brown (theologian) (b. 1948)

David Brown (Aberdeen August 17, 1803- Aberdeen, July 3, 1897) was a Free Church of Scotland minister at St. James, Glasgow, and professor of theology at Free Church College of the University of Aberdeen.[1] He was co-author of the Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Commentary (1871) with Robert Jamieson, St. Paul's, Glasgow and the Rev. A. R. Fausset, St. Cuthbert's, York, England. He was a director of the National Bible Society of Scotland, and the Evangelical Alliance, and the Alliance of the Reformed Churches.


  • Christ's Second Coming: Will it be Premillenial? Edinburgh, 1846.
  • Crushed Hopes Crowned in Death, in memory of his son, Alexander Brown, (d. 1860) London, 1861.[2]
  • The Restoration of the Jews: the History, Principles, and Bearings of the Question Edinburgh, 1861.
  • Life of the late John Duncan (1796–1870), 1872.
  • The Apocalypse: its structure and primary predictions London, 1891.
  • Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, and Epistle to the Romans in R. Jamieson and A. R. Fausset Commentary, Critical, Experimental, and Practical, on the Old and New Testaments 6 vols. Glasgow, 1864–70.
  • commentary on the Epistles to the Corinthians in Philip Schaff Popular Commentary on the New Testament, 1882.
  • Epistle to the Romans Dods and Whyte's Handbooks for Bible Classes Edinburgh, 1883.


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