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Jamieson Price
Born Jamieson Kent Price
(1961-04-28) April 28, 1961 (age 53)
West Palm Beach, Florida
Other names Taylor Henry, James Lyon
Occupation Actor

Jamieson Kent Price (born April 28, 1961 in West Palm Beach, Florida) is an American voice actor, best known for his deep and booming voice for numerous anime and video games. He is known to most fans as the voice of Walter Bernhard in Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, Seraph Lamington in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness; or in more recent years, his role as Largo the Black Lion in Tales of the Abyss, the iconic Lu Bu in the Dynasty Warriors series, Iron Tager from the "BlazBlue" series, the Count of Monte Cristo in Gankutsuou, or as Ovan in .hack//G.U., and even more recently, Duke in Tales of Vesperia, or in the 2000 movie, The Patriot (cast with Mel Gibson), and recently voiced Galbalan, the main villain of Ys: The Oath in Felghana, a PC/PSP remake of Ys III: Wanderers From Ys. He is now known for voicing Milton Grimm from Ever After High.




Live-action films[edit]

  • The Patriot (2000): Captain Bordon
  • The Secret Kingdom (1998): The Regent
  • Of Light And Darkness (1996): Mike
  • Seeing Iris (2004): Father
  • Old Dogs (2009/II) (stunt coordinator)
  • Bounty (2002/I) .... Joe

Live Theater/Stage[edit]

  • Played the role of "Tecumseh" on stage in Chillicothe, OH Sugarloaf Mountain Amphitheatre Long running summer productions of "Tecumseh!" Late 1980s early 1990s
  • Played the role of the "voice of God" in the LA Opera's community production of "noah's flood" in 2013

Live-action TV Shows[edit]

Video games[edit]


Price had been cast for English voice of seven characters for voice actor Jouji Nakata:

In addition, he had been cast for the English voice of five characters for voice actor Unshou Ishizuka:


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