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This article is about the game demo series from Sony. For Jam Packs from Apple, Inc., see GarageBand#Jam_Packs.
Cover of Jampack Winter 2001.
Cover art for Jampack
Developer(s) Sony Computer Entertainment
Publisher(s) Ingram Entertainment
Platform(s) PlayStation, PlayStation 2
Genre(s) Demo
Distribution CD/DVD

Jampack is a demo series from Sony to advertise and preview upcoming games through demos or featurettes. Often, it has previewed many popular games from the PlayStation 2's lifespan, ranging from SSX Tricky and Final Fantasy X to Need for Speed Underground and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. They also sometimes include game saves. The Jampacks often served as a preview for the PlayStation Underground digital magazine and later online Ezine.

The Jampack discs are typically sold at low prices and bought by collectors.