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ڄام شورو
ڄام خان شورو
ڄام شورو is located in Sindh
ڄام شورو
ڄام شورو
Coordinates: 25°16′N 68°12′E / 25.26°N 68.20°E / 25.26; 68.20Coordinates: 25°16′N 68°12′E / 25.26°N 68.20°E / 25.26; 68.20
Country Pakistan
Province Sindh
Population (2013)[1]
 • Total 80,000 approx
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Number of towns 5
Website www.jamshoro.com.pk

Jamshoro (Sindhi: ڄام شورو), (Urdu: جامشورو‎), is a city and capital of Jamshoro District, Sindh, Pakistan. It is located on the right bank of Indus River, approximately 18 km Northwest of Hyderabad and 150 km Northeast from the provincial Capital of Sindh and largest city of Pakistan, Karachi.

Besides being a historical and picturesque site, Jamshoro is home to highly educated and affluent people, it is also home to three universities i.e, Pakistan's fourth best engineering university called Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences and second oldest university of Pakistan University of Sindh, which produce a number of engineers, doctors, IT professionals, journalists, professors, scientists every year. Therefore, it is also called "City of Universities" and is well known for its soothing breeze at night time.



The universities in Jamshoro are:


Jamshoro, famously known as the City of Universities is situated on the right bank of Indus River at south-west position of Province of Sindh sloping from direction North-east to south-west and is about 18 kilometers far from Hyderabad and at a distance of 150 kilometers from Karachi.


Religions in Jamshoro
Religion Percent

The population of Jamshoro city is estimated to be 80,000 in 2014. The population of Jamshoro District increased from 582,094 in 1998 to 1,176,969 in 2011, an increase of 102.2%.[2] The city is predominantly Sindhi with a Muhajir community. There are also Seraikis, Brahuis, Memons, Punjabis, Pashtuns and Memons.[3] The main tribes and clans inlude: Shaikhs, Soomros, Bachanis, Rajputs, Jamalis, Balochs, Khusks, Narejos, Talpurs, Kalhoros, Sayyids/Syeds, Shah (surname), Qureshis, Tanwaris, Buriros, Shoros, Malhas, Burghuris, etc.

Jamshoro is predominantly Muslim with a small Hindu minority.

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First Languages of Jamshoro city in 2013

  Sindhi (98%)
  Others including (Brahui, Balochi, Pashto,Punjabi and Urdu) (2.00%)

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