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Jan Frans van Bredael (1 April 1686, Antwerp - 19 February 1750, Antwerp [1]) a Flemish painter, was the best known of a dynasty of painters, and the son of Alexander van Bredael (1663–1720), who was also an artist.

He imitated the style of Philip Wouwerman and Jan Brueghel with such dexterity that even connoisseurs are often unable to distinguish his copies of their pictures from the originals. He visited England, where he was so well employed that in a few years he was able to retire to his native country with a competency. James Radclyffe, 3rd Earl of Derwentwater was one of his chief patrons.

Other notable members of the van Bredael family include:

  • Pieter van Bredael (?1629-1719), Alexander's father
  • Karel, known as 'the Cavalier' (b. Antwerp, 1677/8; d. Ghent, 1733).
  • Jan Frans the Elder (Antwerp, 1683–1750)
  • Jozef (1688–1739)
  • Karl Friedrich (b. Stockholm 1755; d. 1818)

They were formerly often known as 'Breda', which form occurs as a signature on a picture by Jan Frans in the Amsterdam gallery.


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