Jan Konopacki

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Jan Konopacki (born ? - died April 23, 1530 in Lubawa) - Bishop of Culm (Chełmno) (1508-1530), Treasury of the King of Poland, Provost of Malbork. He was nominated as bishop by Pope Julius II on February 23, 1508 and was consecrated in Lubawa on October 29 by the ordinarius of the diocese of Warmia, Łukasz Watzenrode. On April 18, 1518, he served as a witness in the marriage ceremony of king Zygmunt Stary and Bona Sforza. He was also present at the signing of Treaty of Kraków and the associated Prussian Homage in 1525. In 1524 he officially condemned the Protestant Reformation.


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