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A merry company

Jan Olis (1610–1676) was a Dutch Golden Age painter.


Olis was born in Gorinchem. According to the RKD in 1632 he became a member of the Dordrecht Guild of St. Luke.[1] In 1637 he got married, and during the years 1648-1653 he is registered both as a wine seller and a teacher in the guild.[1] He is possibly the same person as Jan Olofsen who became a member of the Confrerie Pictura in The Hague that year.[1] He then moved to Heusden where he had various positions in the council until he became a mayor there in 1657 and was tax collector in 1670.[1] He is known for farm scenes, genre works, and merry companies.[1] He died in Heusden.


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