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Jan Romer (1869, Lwow - 1934, Warszawa) was an Austrian and Polish general. Studied in Mödling and joined the Austro-Hungarian Army. During the First World War fought at the battle of Limanowa (1914) and battle of Gorlice (1914), was wounded twice. Later he joined the newly recreated Polish Army. During Polish-Ukrainian War he fought in the liberation of Lwów. In Polish-Soviet War, commanded the Cavalry Division at the Battle of Koziatyn (April 25-April 27, 1920), one of the most spectacular raids of the Polish cavalry, during the Polish advance towards Kiev. His troops fought against the Soviet cavalry elite Konarmia of Semyon Budyonny. He commanded the Polish 13th Infantry Division during the Battle of Komarów (August 31, 1920). Respected by Józef Piłsudski, he was among the first group military personas who confirmed the decoration of Virtuti Militari, highest Polish military decoration, restored after the recreation of the Second Polish Republic, and he himself received the Commander's Cross of that award. Held position of Inspector of the Army after the war. Buried in Powązki Cemetery in Warsaw.

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