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Jan Scholten (born December 23, 1951) is a Dutch practitioner of homeopathy and author of several books.

Education and professional development[edit]

Before starting his medical education he studied chemistry for 2 years and philosophy for 3 years. Scholten received a MD degree in 1983. Then he studied homeopathy and acupuncture. Among others Roger Morrison, George Vithoulkas, Alphons Geukens, Künzli and Bill Gray belonged to his teachers. After finishing the study of homeopathy in 1985 he started a classical homeopathic practice. He is the co-founder of the "Homeopathic Doctors Center Utrecht", founded in 1988, in Utrecht.

Present activity[edit]

Scholten is the president of Stichting Alonissos, a foundation for the promotion of homeopathy. He is affiliated with the Stichting Homeopathische Opleidingen (SHO) in Wageningen, an independent training-institute for postgraduate homeopathic education for physicians, veterinarians, obstetricians and pharmacists, located in the Netherlands.

Scholten also initiated the international homeopathic internet journal Interhomeopathy for professionals, published monthly, to promote the exchange of ideas, theory and cases.



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