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For the villages in Iran, see Janabad, Iran.
Janabad Passu

Janabad Passu (New Passu) is the new settlement of Passu which is located in the north of Passu Village and right side of famous Batura Glacier. This area was brought under cultivation in 1980s by the villagers with the support of AKRSP. People started to grow poplar trees, corn, fodder, and cereal crops too. The land here was distributed in the past by the late grandfathers. Due to developments made here such as construction of irrigation channels, drinking water pipelines and electricity supply some people have built hotels here and now people have slowly started shifting to this place from the central village.

Although these facilities are available in the central village but still there are some factors which have led people to move. Many households have built their houses here and some are in the process. It is for sure that one day all of the households will shift to this division of Passu.

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