Janaki Medical College

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Janaki Medical College
Ram Janaki Health Foundation
Location Nepal Janakpur, Nepal
Coordinates 26°48′56″N 85°57′14″E / 26.81553°N 85.953856°E / 26.81553; 85.953856Coordinates: 26°48′56″N 85°57′14″E / 26.81553°N 85.953856°E / 26.81553; 85.953856
Affiliated university Tribhuvan University
Founded 2003 A.D.
Website www.jmcnepal.com
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Janaki Medical College (JMC) is formally associated with Tribhuvan University[1] a single biggest government owned University of Nepal, recognized by Nepal Medical Council[2] an apex body that registered the products and provides medical licensing. It is managed by Ram Janaki Health Foundation which is registered under the Nepalese company act. It is situated at Janakpur, Nepal. http://www.himalkhabar.com/?p=89508. ==References==