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Jane O'Leary (born 1946) is an American musician and composer who lives and composes in Ireland.


Jane O'Leary was born in Hartford, Connecticut. She graduated summa com laude from Vassar College and studied with Milton Babbitt at Princeton University where she received a PhD in composition. She lectured at Swarthmore College for a year and moved to Ireland in 1972, where she became a resident of Galway.

O'Leary's music has been performed internationally and in the USA at concert venues including the Kennedy Center, the Lincoln Center, Chicago Cultural Center and Carnegie Hall. She is artistic director and pianist with the Concorde ensemble, artistic director of Music for Galway, and a member of Aosdána, Ireland’s academy for creative artists.[1]

O'Leary received an Honorary doctorate from the National University of Ireland in 2007, and teaches composition at the Dublin Institute of Technology Conservatory of Music and Drama in Dublin.[2]


O'Leary composes for chamber ensemble and solo instrument. Selected compositions include:

  • Piano Quintet
  • Why the Hill Sings
  • In the Stillness of Time
  • Mystic Play of Shadows


O'Leary's work has been recorded and issued on CD including:

  • In the Stillness of Time, RTÉ Vanbrugh Quartet, ConTempo Quartet, Concorde, Paul Roe, and Garth Knox., Audio CD, Capstone (2007)
  • Rational Option Insanity Concorde, Jane O'Leary, Audio CD (October 10, 2000), Black Box Classics, ASIN: B00004YWZE
  • E-motion Composer: Ciaran Farrell, Jerome de Bromhead, Jane O'Leary, Dawn Kenny, Eric Sweeney, et al., Audio CD (September 12, 2000), Black Box Classics, ASIN: B00003XAJ2[3]


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