Janelle Timmins

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Janelle Timmins
Neighbours character
Portrayed by Nell Feeney
Duration 2004, 2005–07, 2015
First appearance 11 November 2004
Last appearance 13 July 2007
Introduced by Ric Pellizzeri (2004)
Jason Herbison (2015)
Classification Former; regular (returning)
Occupation Hairdresser (2005–06)
Shareholder in Lassiter's (2006–07)
Carpenter's Mechanics owner (2007–09)
Residence Cairns

Janelle Beryl Steiger (née Rebecchi, previously Timmins) is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Neighbours, played by Nell Feeney. She made her first on-screen appearance on 11 November 2004. The character was axed in 2006 and she departed on 13 July 2007. Feeney will reprise her role for the show's 30th anniversary in March 2015.


In December 2006, it was announced that the Neighbours producers had decided to axe the characters of Janelle and her on-screen daughter, Bree (Sianoa Smit-McPhee).[1] They took the decision not to renew the contracts of Feeney and Smit-McPhee, following the departures of Ben Nicholas (Stingray Timmins) and Damien Bodie (Dylan Timmins).[2] Co-star Ian Smith (Harold Bishop) called the decision a "huge mistake".[2] Janelle and Bree made their final appearances in July 2007.[2]

On 28 November 2014, it was announced that Feeney would reprise her role for Neighbours' 30th anniversary in March 2015.[3]


Janelle is originally from Colac, Victoria. She is mother to Dylan (played by Damien Bodie), Janae (Eliza Taylor-Cotter), Stingray (Ben Nicholas), Bree (Sianoa Smit-McPhee), Dwayne and Brandon Timmins (both never seen in the show, only referred to). She is ex-wife of Kim (Brett Swain) and sister of Big Kev. Janelle used to work as Lyn's (Janet Andrewartha) apprentice at A Good Hair Day. She is a bitter, lazy woman, seen by some viewers as a typical bogan. She is used frequently in comical storylines on the programme, her opening story line being where she tried to make money from exaggerating injuries. She was involved in a "love square", in which she, Lyn and Susan (Jackie Woodburne) all had a small fling with Bobby Hoyland (Andrew McFarlane), unaware of each other's involvement.

She began writing a novel about her life in Ramsay Street, which Nina Tucker's (Delta Goodrem) former singing manager, Melody Jones, wanted to publish. Bree re-wrote most of the book, and this was meant to be kept a secret until it was revealed inadvertently when they were both in a mock episode of Rove Live. Lyn kicked her and her family out onto the streets to live in a caravan park, but later let them return due to pity.

Janelle found happiness again with the return of her husband, Kim Timmins (Brett Swain), after she struggled to provide for a family of six children on her own when her husband left her. They had a second wedding. Kim became a fugitive from the law after by selling counterfeit DVDs to fund the wedding, and other things.

Janelle discovered that her daughter Bree was switched at birth. After which Bree attempted to find her biological family. Bree became friends with one of her book fans, a blind girl called Anne who gave Janelle the creeps. It turned out Anne was Janelle's biological daughter. When this was revealed the two bonded, but Anne's parents, who were in denial, prevented Anne from any contact with the Timmins family.

Janelle was briefly Lou Carpenter's (Tom Oliver) girlfriend. Janelle ended it with the realisation she didn't love him, and helped him win ex-girlfriend Mishka Schneiderova (Deborah Kennedy) back. After Kim sent the family a letter that gave Janelle some closure she started dating Allan Steiger (Joe Clements).

When Kerry (Claudine Henningsen), Janelle's granddaughter, was diagnosed with leukemia, Janelle's son Stingray became her bone marrow donor. The operation was a success; however, Stingray later unexpectedly died at Janelle's '39th' birthday party from a fatal aneurysm. Janelle was devastated at the loss. At the funeral her other son Dylan left to recover from his emotional despair, making it a double blow.

Stingray's girlfriend at the time of his death was best friend Sky Mangel. She struggled to cope with the loss of another person in her life and started seeing a spiritualist, Terrence Chesterton. Amongst other things, Terrence told her that Stingray wanted his ashes scattered at the skate park, something Janelle was dead against. Sky stole the ashes, but Bree managed to retrieve them in time. When Janelle found out, she was furious, but Sky offered her a deal: Janelle should meet with Terrence, and if she was still against him then, Sky would no longer bother her. Janelle met with Terrence, where she too was taken in by him, despite warnings from her daughters.

Terrence was proved a fake by Janelle's nephew Toadfish Rebecchi, and Sky confronted him, hitting him with a heavy object in her anger. Terrence was knocked unconscious, and a scared Sky ran off. Terrence's accomplice, the fake doctor Charlotte Stone then found him and, angry at him for being found out, hit him again, this time killing him. Sky was blamed, although was eventually proved innocent by Boyd Hoyland. Janelle didn't like Boyd because he had cheated on her daughter, but after this she was forced to at least get along with him.

Janelle's fiance Allan Steiger returned from the Solomon Islands, and a while later, her biological daughter Anne returned from Cairns. When Anne's adoptive father finally accepted that Bree was really his daughter, they came up with the plan for the Timmins' to move to Cairns, so that the two families could get to know each other. Janelle's three remaining sons all live up north, so she would also be closer to them. The family had a farewell party in the street, where Steiger shocked Janelle by turning it into their wedding. He then gave her a wedding present – he'd arranged for Daryl Braithwaite to come, who Janelle loved. Janelle gave a farewell speech to the neighbours, where she spoke to each person who she'd been close to over her years on the street. Janelle encouraged Janae to stay behind and continue her relationship with Ned Parker. The family then flew off to Cairns in a helicopter, leaving the waving neighbours behind.


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