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Janet Reger (née Philips; September 30, 1935, London East End - March 14, 2005) was an English lingerie designer who became famous in the 1960s and 1970s for her opulent lingerie designs.


Janet Reger was born in the year of 1935 in the East end of London. She was born right before the beginning of World War II. Janet Reger's company was founded in the year of 1966. Reger attended De Montfort University that is located in Leicester in central England. Reger was originally a freelance designer. She used to be a freelance designer for popular companies such as: Marks and Spencer, Rosy of Paris, and Slix swimwear. She was able to establish herself with experience is London and all over Europe. In the year of 1966, Reger decided to set up her own lingerie business with her husband, Peter Reger. It began as a small backstreet store and quickly turned into a recognized international company. With a majority of skepticism that she received for her bold designs for undergarments, in the 1970s Reger took part in the revolution for lingerie becoming a fashion statement rather than just an undergarment. Janet Reger died in 2005, and her daughter Aliza Reger became chief executive and took over the business. The business has now been around for more than 40 years.[1]


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