Jang Hyungwang

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Portrait of Chang Hyungwang (ca. 18c)
Portrait of Chang Hyungwang (1633)

Jang Hyungwang(장현광, 1554 - September 15, 1637) was korean Joseon Dynastys politicians and Educators, Neo-Confucian scholars. scholars successor of Jeong gu and teacher of Heo Mok and Yun Hyu. a penname was Yeoheon(여헌).

Work book[edit]

  • Yeoheonjip(여헌집, 旅軒集)
  • Yeokhakdoseol(역학도설, 易學圖說)
  • Seongriseol(성리설, 性理說)
  • Yongsailgi(용사일기, 龍蛇日記)

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Letter of Jang Hyugwang (1624. 03)