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Jani-King is the world's largest commercial cleaning franchise company reporting more than 12,000 franchisees serving tens of thousands of customers worldwide. Jani-King started 2010 being rated the #1 Commercial Cleaning Franchise Company by Entrepreneur magazine. Jani-King is also the #8 Overall Franchise Company while maintaining the top spot as the #1 Commercial Cleaning Franchise. This marks the 23rd year that Jani-King has been rated #1 in the cleaning industry by the magazine.[1] As a company, Jani-King has developed a unique business model that supports their franchisees that clean facility sizes from the smallest office to enormous sports stadiums. Jani-King employs a quality control system via routine client site inspections.

Jani-King franchisees deliver cleaning services in a variety of industries including General Office, Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Stadium & Events, Education and Government.


Jani-King was founded in 1968 by Jim Cavanaugh, while still a student at the University of Oklahoma, who began marketing janitorial services during the day then servicing those clients at night. Cavanaugh established Jani-King and began pioneering the concept that has kept the company at the top of its industry.

During the early 1970s, Jani-King became a franchise company with a unique business model. In 1974, Jim Cavanaugh began applying a franchise concept— a concept in which Jani-King obtains commercial cleaning accounts and offers the Franchisee an initial customer base to service. In 1976, as the company grew, Cavanaugh moved Jani-King's headquarters from Oklahoma to Dallas, Texas. Jani-King's steady domestic growth blossomed into an international success story in 1986 when Canada became the first international Master Franchise.

The decade of the nineties was a time of immense growth for Jani-King, both nationally and internationally. The company reported its 5,000th franchise and expanded into Argentina, Australia, Brazil, France, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, and Turkey.

Today, there are more than 12,000 reported authorized franchisees in the world. Jani-King supports more than 120 regional offices in 16 countries.

Jani-King UK[edit]

Jani-King (GB) operates the UK arm of the world's largest commercial cleaning franchise company. In the UK, fewer than 15 franchisees operate as part of a blended service mix offered by the centrally managed business. The company delivers cleaning services to individual locations and clients with multi-sites in the manufacturing, general office, industrial, retail, hospitality, healthcare, stadium and events, education, government and hotel sectors.

Jani-King (GB) was established in 1992 by Ian Thomas.[2] Initially the UK-based company developed a large network of franchisees operating in comparatively small territories, using the US business model as a basis for operation - country-wide accounts were secured through a sales team based at the head office, so that franchisees always had an initial customer base.

Green Cleaning[edit]

Jani-King is implementing steps to help reduce contaminants harming the planet. The company uses environmentally preferable green cleaning products, microfiber systems, floor matting and HEPA/ULPA vacuums, and specialized chemical dispensing systems.

Jani-King has introduced Green 2011, a program that provides Jani-King franchise owners worldwide with training and education on various environmentally friendly “Green Cleaning” processes, including chemical use reduction, waste management, recycling and energy conservation.[3]


Jani-King has several sports partnerships and is the official cleaning company of both the PGA TOUR and New Orleans Saints among many others.

Sponsorships also include Dallas Cowboys, Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans Saints, San Diego Chargers, Detroit Lions, Texas Rangers, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Cavaliers, Charlotte Bobcats, Dallas Mavericks, Toronto Raptors, Toronto Maple Leafs, University of Oklahoma, University of Oregon, Sears Centre Arena (Chicago).

In 2009 part time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Mike Garvey sponsored Jani-King and Quality Concrete.


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