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Jannat Pakistan Party
جنت پاکستان پارٹی
Leader Asarulislam Syed
President Asarulislam Syed
Secretary-General Moeen Akhter
Founder Asarulislam Syed
Vicepresident Ayaz Khan Yousafzai
Founded March 23, 2011 (2011-03-23)
Headquarters Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Religion Islam
Colors Red and green
Election symbol
Party flag
Janat Pakistan Party flag.gif
State emblem of Pakistan.svg
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Jannat Pakistan Party (Urdu: جنت پاکستان پارٹی‎) or JPP is a Islamic political party of non-denominational non-sectarian Quranist Muslims of Pakistan who believe in Allah as The Sovereign Authority or King of The State. They denounce magical beliefs and practices and Hero worship, disapprove discrimination based on religion, condemn terrorism and believe in unification principle of One Nation under Authority of Allah whose One Universal Law shall guarantee equality, equal opportunity, and equal rights for women, with women and men participating equally in all affairs of The State. The Party headquarters are based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The party was founded in 2011 by a Pakistani American California-based neurologist and psychiatrist, Asarulislam Syed.[3] It is one of the new political parties registered with the Election Commission of Pakistan for the 2013 Pakistani General Elections.[4][5]


Jannat or Jannah (Arabic: جنّةJannah), is Quran's word for paradise. The Arabic word Jannah means The Garden. Quranists and several Quran scholars world-wide believe that the word Jannah is a metaphor for The Islamic State, or The Kingdom of God where Allah rests on Kursi or The Throne. In such a State, God is virtually The King and His Government acts as The Authority that guarantees to provide for all citizens. Citizens serve God and God serves the citizens. Living under Authority of God's law, life attains a state of heavenly bliss with all citizens enjoying their right to free food and right to equal comforts of life. Thus citizen get an equal opportunity to develop and actualize their human potential to the fullest. Citizens live their lives purposefully and passionately, actualizing life's potential and thus entering Paradise in their afterlife. Quranists believe that in the Prophet's Islamic State, all citizens enjoyed equal access to all resources of the State, free from subservience to any human authority. Quranists also believe that a life of Peace and Security with freedom from all fears and a guaranteed protection of human dignity is the responsibility of The State. Quranists believe that the motivational drive for citizens to work in such a State comes from the core Islamic belief that by doing good to others in this life, one develops ones 'self' and attains a blissful afterlife. The belief that human spirit or self 'grows' in this life by giving to others, is a strong motivational force which acts best in a culture of liberty preserved through a rule of law and the liberated human spirit tends to override all instinctive drives of self-preservation. The core Islamic belief of accountability to God and self discipline developed through exercises of self-control through the Ramadan creates citizens with super human potential. A culture where human beings act passionately to excel one another in doing good deeds makes them Divine. Quranists believe that the Prophet fostered and developed such human beings and consequently the Islamic State attained an exponential growth of prosperity and the pool of human talent flourished. According to Quranists, it is the responsibility of The Believers to establish The Law of God. Believers acts as fiduciaries of the Islamic State having contracted with God to give their lives to protect and to serve the State. Quranists believe that by 'entering' this Paradise on earth, believers shall attain the Paradise of afterlife. Quranists believe that Prophet Muhammad is known to have defined the relationship of the State and the citizen:

" The individual for the State, the State for the individual, and all for Allah."


The party was founded in Rawalpindi, Pakistan on March 23, 2011[6] by Pakistani American California-based neurologist and psychiatrist, Asarulislam Syed.[7] Weekly Quran lectures delivered by Dr. Asarulislam on Shalimar Radio, a Los Angeles-based pakistani radio every Saturday between 2008 and 2010, and posted on his blog, activated the Quranists intellectuals and scholars who were scattered throughout the world. Communication was established through emails and Internet. Through skype conferences organized and convened by Abdul Salim Khanzada, a Pakistani Quranist from Saudi Arabia, eminent Quran activists from all over the world came on a united platform for action. Quranists had perceived how pitifully The Government of Pakistan was failing to contain and eradicate the Terrorists. Subsequently by a series of webinars, the first on January 16, 2011, the First International Movement to Liberate Pakistan was launched.[8]


Jannat Pakistan Party aims at establishment of Quran’s Socialism or Fi-Sabeel-Illah . They denounce all human Authority and celebrate God as the Sovereign or Lord of the State. The party ideology proclaims the law of God that provides a baby growing in the mother's womb free of charge and does not discriminate between rich and poor but therefore a government that uphold the law of God shall provide equally to every citizen. The Party declares that based on the law of God, food, wealth and all resources of the land of Pakistan belong to God and shall be made equally available to every citizen. Their entire political agenda and political system is based on Muslim holy book, the Quran.[9]

The full text of the manifesto delivered by Asarulislam Syed on June 23rd, 2011 can be found at www.JannatPakistan.Com or downloaded as a PDF in the External Links section below.

Educational Mission[edit]

Jannat Pakistan established itself as a Public Charity 501(c)(3) Non Profit with the stated purpose of eradicating terrorism by spreading positive Quran education. The following discourse describes its educational mission which can be found at http://jannatpakistan.org/.

JANNAT PAKISTAN as defined under the provisions of US law is “a Religious Organization, not organized for the private gain of any person.”

JANNAT PAKISTAN is a religious reformist educational movement lead by Dr. Asarulislam, a California based neurologist and psychiatrist. A patriotic American, Dr. Asarulislam Syed reveres the founding fathers of America and is a strong advocate of American values of Liberty and Equality. He believes that United States of America is great because the founding fathers revered The God of Moses, Krishna, Abraham, Jesus and Mohammed. Aimed at emancipation and enlightenment of the Pakistani youth, JANNAT PAKISTAN has a well-defined religious educational program of social reform in Pakistan. Amongst several other progressive plans, JANNAT PAKISTAN aims at eliminating bigotry, hate and prejudice in the Pakistani youth against the civilized world in general and against the United States of America in particular.

JANNAT PAKISTAN’S educational mission aims to promote enlightenment in the Islamic world by celebrating universal human ideals of equality and equal opportunity, irrespective of religion, caste color or creed.

JANNAT PAKISTAN aims to promote modernization, introduce religious reforms, promote emancipation of women and bring enlightenment of the poor and underprivileged masses of Pakistan.

JANNAT PAKISTAN aims to liberate Muslims from poisonous beliefs of Taliban by promoting the liberal and progressive ideals of Quran.

JANNAT PAKISTAN is two legal entities that are separate and clearly distinct.

1. JANNAT PAKISTAN is a Religious Quranic Educational Corporation, registered under the law of the United States of America and is not involved with any political party or any political activity or entity. It has a website www.JannatPakistan.ORG

2. JANNAT PAKISTAN PARTY is a well known progressive political party based in Pakistan, registered under the Election Commission of Government of Pakistan with the official website www.JannatPakistan.COM

Incorporated for a purely Religious purpose, JANNAT PAKISTAN, www.JannatPakistan.org is incorporated in USA with “worldwide educational and religious reform activities” that are clearly and exclusively distinct from the activities of Jannat Pakistan Party, a political party, duly registered with the Election Commission of Pakistan. www.JannatPakistan.Com

JANNAT PAKISTAN aims to carry out its religious educational programs worldwide, through the internet, and in Pakistan. This corporation is organized and operated exclusively for religious purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3), Internal Revenue Code. No substantial part of this corporation shall consist on carrying out propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, and the corporation shall not participate or intervene in any political campaign, including the publication and distribution of statements on behalf of any candidates for public office.

Health Care[edit]

Health care is among the most important items in Jannat Pakistan Party's election campaign plan. They state that health care should be completely free and available to every citizen, as well as all health facilities, which are to be constructed as a part of the "Grand Infrastructure Development".[10]


Party's economy development plan consists of huge construction activities starting from far-flung and backward areas up to bustling metropolitan centers. It implies an immediate launch of a "Master Plan" consisting of hundreds of dams, bridges, canals, roads, water supply projects, modern communication facilities, power plants, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, railway transport, industrial plants and country-wide exploration and mining activities.[11]

Energy Independence[edit]

They state that energy issue will be concerned with the utmost priority. Coal reservoirs in Sind and Baluchistan are sufficient to bring about full independence in energy field for a few centuries to come and party will undertake steps in that direction. Also, exploration of petroleum and gas will be given a priority.[12]

Call To Action[edit]

In his determination to provide the world with what he considers the actual and accurate message of the Quran, Dr. Asarulislam Syed has called on followers of Islam globally (as well as others) to create a “new ideology, a new dimension, a new hope… for world peace.” His stated mission, further information, and forum discussions can be found at http://quaideazam.com/.

Student Problems[edit]

The Jannat Party's stance is that education is the most important pillar of every society. Thus, they plan to make education be free with a substantial and preferential ratio of national resources to be allocated to this sector. Under the "Grand Infrastructure Development Plan", a network of educational institutions will be built throughout the land, whereby education will be mandatory, as well as the attendance in schools.[13]

Flag Controversy[edit]

The current flag of Jannat Pakistan Party was adopted by consensus amongst all party members. It is a bright red color flag with a large white circle in the center and with Basmala written in black kufic script inside that circle.[14] Nevertheless, it has many similarities and resemblance to the Nazi flag, but the party's authorities categorically deny any connection with the Nazi flag, whatsoever.[15]

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