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Jannik Hastrup (born 4 May 1941 in Næstved, Denmark) is a Danish writer, director, producer, illustrator and animator. He is considered "Denmark's grand master of animation", as he is particularly well known for directing, animating and writing several animated films, occasionally with Flemming Quist Møller, including Benny's Bathtub, Dreaming of Paradise, Samson & Sally, War of the Birds, The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Bear and A Tale of Two Mozzies. He also directed, wrote and animated a number of shorts following Cirkeline the elf.


Jannik Hastrup was a socialist, which did influence some of his works.[1] Aside from political films throughout the 1970s decade, the Cirkeline film Flugten fra Amerika (Escape in America) depicts the titular character and mice friends going to New York City, but are attacked by troops (actually toy soldiers) after knocking down a Mickey Mouse figure. While the main characters hide from the soldiers, a brief scene depicts the negativism of racism in the United States with real images of racial attacks before and during the Civil Rights Movement, following by an anti-Richard Nixon image set on the Statue of Liberty. Cirkeline and her friends, along with an African-stereotyped mouse, went to a Native American village to get help on the natives to fight back the soldiers in New York. The film was political enough that the Danish Broadcasting Corporation refused to air it, therefore stopping the Cirkeline films until 1998.[2]

Feature films[edit]

Short films[edit]

  • Blot en drengestreg / Just a prank' (2015)
  • Tefik, når du falder du rejser dig op igen / Tefik, when you fall you get back up again' (2014)
  • Jamila, gid jeg kunne flyve / Jamila, if only I could fly' (2013)
  • Solén, jeg altid husker far / Solén, I always remember daddy (2013)
  • Cirkeline i Fandango / Circleen in Fandango (2010)
  • Krig og Kager / War & Peas (2005)
  • You’ve got Sugar (2005)
  • Eventyret om den dårlige samvittighed / A Tale about The Guilty Conscience (2005)
  • Hund & Fisk / Dog & Fish (2001)
  • Tango jalousie (1996)
  • Birdland – 4 episoder (1995)
  • Havets Sang / Song of the Sea (1993)
  • Det er bare os Høns / Aint Nobody here but us chickens (1992)
  • Bjarne og Brittas Vidunderlige Verden / The Wonderfull World of Barney and Betty (1991)
  • Take Care (1988)
  • Trylle og Tøjdyrene / Magic Mary and her puppets (1985)
  • Roji Negra (1985)
  • Hvordan det videre gik den Grimme Ælling / The further adventures of the Ugly Duckling (1982)
  • Hellere rask og rig end syg og fattig / Better rich and healthy than poor and sick (1977)
  • Historiebogen The Historybook – 9 episoder (1973)
  • Ønskebenet / The Wishbone (1972)
  • Cirkeline / Circleen – 19 episoder (1967-71)
  • Bennys Badekar / Bennys Bathtub (1970)
  • Regnbuen / The Rainbow (1969)
  • Flodhesten / The Hippo (1969)
  • Det store slæderøveri (1969)
  • Drengen og månen – The boy and the moon (1968)
  • It don’t mean a thing (1967)
  • Generalen / The General (1966)
  • Slambert / Scoundrel (1966)
  • Elverskud (1966)
  • Hvordan man opdrager sine forældre / How to bring up your parents (1966)
  • Skorstensfejeren gik en tur (1965)
  • Fagotten der fik ondt i maven (1965)
  • Concerto Erotica (1964)
  • Agnete og Havmanden (1964)


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