Jantzen Beach SuperCenter

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Jantzen Beach SuperCenter
Jantzen Beach SuperCenter sign Portland Oregon.jpg
Jantzen Beach sign
Location Portland, Oregon
Address 1405 Jantzen Beach Center
Opening date 1972
Management Edens & Avant
No. of stores and services 30+
No. of anchor tenants 3
No. of floors 1
Website http://jantzenbeachpdx.com/

Jantzen Beach SuperCenter is a shopping mall located in Portland, Oregon on Hayden Island in the Columbia River. Opened in 1972 as Jantzen Beach Mall, it was largely torn down in 1995 for big box development. The remaining enclosed portion included Ross Dress for Less, Burlington Coat Factory and Target as its anchor stores until April 2012. A new one-story Target store was constructed on the property over the site of a former Barnes & Noble Bookstore and restaurant, to open in September 2012. The Ross Dress For Less was relocated to an alternate space on the property and the internal entrance to Burlington Coat Factory was walled off. Any remaining tenants have left the mall and the food court closed. The carousel is in storage until being relocated to a to be announced location.[1]


Jantzen Beach Mall opened September 28, 1972,[2] on the site of the former Jantzen Beach Amusement Park which operated from 1928 to 1970. The C. W. Parker merry-go-round (carousel) is the only surviving ride from the amusement park and is now located inside the mall by the food court. One of the mall's early anchor stores, a 60,000-square-foot (5,600 m2) Liberty House which was that chain's first store in the Portland area, opened in November 1973.[3] It later operated as Frederick & Nelson from 1979 until 1984, The Crescent until 1988 and Lamonts from then until 1994.

In 1995, MBK Northwest acquired Jantzen Beach Center for about $18 million.[4] About two-thirds of the mall was demolished in 1995 and 1996 including the former Lamonts wing, a cinema and around 150 small stores to make room for big box development which includes The Home Depot, Barnes & Noble and Toys "R" Us.[5] The east wing of the mall was left intact with three anchor stores and a newly created food court.[6] These renovations cost $38 million and expanded the center to 800,000 square feet (74,000 m2) as well giving it the name of Jantzen Beach SuperCenter.[4]

In December 1996, MBK Northwest sold the 70-acre (28 ha) center for $76 million to a Michigan-based pension fund that Compass Retail, Inc. advised on the sale.[7][4][8] The mall features approximately 30 tenants, including three anchor stores: Burlington Coat Factory, Ross Dress for Less and Target. The Target building was previously occupied by Montgomery Ward until 2001,[9] and the Burlington Coat Factory store was originally a Kmart which closed in 2003.[10]

The mall's owners announced further renovation plans in July 2010.[11] Preliminary redevelopment plans would include the demolition of the remaining enclosed portion, as well as the area around the existing Barnes & Noble store.[12] On August 23, 2011, Barnes & Noble and Starbucks both announced that they would be shuttering their stores for good by September 2, 2011. The owners of the Jantzen Beach SuperCenter, Jantzen Dynamic Corporation, also announced that a free-standing Target will be going in at the former Barnes & Noble site, and that the current Target store and adjacent wing of the mall would be permanently demolished.[13] In April 2012, center managers Edens & Avant Realty Inc. announced $50 million in renovations that would begin that month and finish by the middle of 2013.[14] The renovations were to include restoration of the carousel, and the name by that point had changed to Jantzen Beach Center.[14] The new Target store opened in October 2012.[15]

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Anchor tenants:

Other stores:

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