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Japan-Sri Lankan relations


Sri Lanka

Bilateral relations refers to the bilateral relations between the Sri Lanka and Japan.

Japan has an embassy in Colombo.[1] Sri Lanka has an embassy in Tokyo.[2] Diplomatic relations with Japan were established in 1952, four years after Sri Lanka gained independence from the United Kingdom. In 2012, the 60th anniversary was celebrated with the issuance of a commemorative coin.[3]

According to a 2005 BBC World Service Poll, 50% of Sri Lankans view Japan's influence positively, with 4% expressing a negative view.[4]

Economic links[edit]

In 1997, Sri Lanka became a member of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) which also includes Bhutan, India, Nepal, Thailand and Myanmar. BIMSTEC is looking into a free trade agreement with Japan to boost trade, which has been declining since 2000. By 2007, only 2.4% of Sri Lanka’s total exports were to Japan, mostly tea, rubber, fish and precious stones.[5]

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