Japan Air System Flight 451

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Japan Air System Flight 451
Japan Air System McDonnel Douglas DC-9-41 (JA8450-47780-894) - Flickr - contri.jpg
A Japan Air System Douglas DC-9-41, similar to the one involved
Accident summary
Date April 18, 1993
Summary windshear
Site Hanamaki Airport
Passengers 72
Crew 5
Injuries (non-fatal) 19
Fatalities 0
Survivors 77 (all)
Aircraft type Douglas DC-9-41
Operator Japan Air System
Registration JA8448
Flight origin Nagoya International Airport
Destination Hanamaki Airport

Japan Air System Flight 451 was a Japan Air System flight from Nagoya Airport in the Nagoya area in Aichi Prefecture, Japan to Hanamaki Airport in Hanamaki, Iwate Prefecture. On April 18, 1993, the Douglas DC-9-41 on the route crashed while landing at Hanamaki Airport. The aircraft, caught by windshear, skidded off of the runway.[1]

The aircraft broke in three. All 72 passengers and five crew members survived, with 19 people sustaining injuries. The aircraft caught fire as the passengers evacuated.[2] The aircraft was written off.[1]


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