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Not to be confused with Formula 4 or F4 Japanese Championship.
Japan F4
Category Single seaters
Country Japan Japan
Inaugural season 1993
Tyre suppliers Yokohama (2008-2011)
Dunlop (2012-present)
Drivers' champion West: Japan Nirei Fukuzumi
East: Japan Yuichi Mikasa
Official website Formula 4

The JAF Japan Formula 4 (JAF 地方選手権 F4 JAF Chihou Senshuken?) is a formula racing class in Japan. The class was founded in 1993 by the Japan Automobile Federation as a class between the FJ1600 and the All-Japan Formula Three Championship.


The Japanese Formula 4 is an open chassis class, open for all chassis manufacturers. Since 2012 the engines have a maximum capacity of 2,000cc. Currently the cars are allowed to be fitted with a Honda K20A, Toyota 3ZR or Nissan SR20 engine. Since 2010 the cars use a monocoque chassis in stead of a tube frame. In the first year of the monocoque chassis most cars were West Racing Cars.


Season East Champion West Champion
1993  ?  ?
1994  ?  ?
1995  ?  ?
1996  ?  ?
1997 Japan Akihiro Asai  ?
1998 Japan Takeyuki Kishi  ?
1999  ? Japan Keita Sawa
2000 Japan Issei Nishio Japan Hideaki Nakao
2001  ?  ?
2002 Japan Tetuya Fujisawa  ?
2003 Japan Kei Itaka  ?
2004 Japan Masanobu Katou Japan Koudai Tsukakoshi
2005 Japan Aki Okada  ?
2006 Japan Muneyuki Kurifu  ?
2007 Japan Kei Itaka  ?
2008 Japan Yusuke Tsuchiya Japan Shota Hanaoka
2009 Japan Tsubasa Kondo Japan Shota Hanaoka
2010 Japan Makoto Kanai Japan Naoki Nishimoto
2011 Japan Yuhi Sekiguchi Japan Ryo Hirakawa
2012 Japan Ryousuke Takehira Japan Kosuke Hattori
2013 Japan Kenta Yamashita Japan Nobuo Kubo
2014 Japan Yuichi Mikasa Japan Nirei Fukuzumi


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