Japan Spaceguard Association

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Japan Spaceguard Association
specified nonprofit corporation
Industry astronomy
Founded October 20, 1996[1]
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Revenue non-profit
Website www.spaceguard.or.jp

The Japan Spaceguard Association (日本スペースガード協会 nihon supēsugādo kyōkai?, abbreviated JSGA) is a not-for-profit organization based in Tokyo, Japan. Its aim echoes that of The Spaceguard Foundation and other spaceguard movements: to protect the Earth's environment from a disastrous near-Earth object (NEO) collision by studying and observing the NEOs.[2] Its formal status under the Japanese law is specified nonprofit corporation (特定非営利活動法人 tokutei hieiri katsudō hōjin?).

The association operates the Bisei Spaceguard Center to achieve their goal. It is located near Bisei town, Japan. In addition to the search for NEOs, this facility will be used to track debris in Earth orbit.


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